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Get involved in the arts with The Drum.
P:ARTicipate is the name of a unique scheme available to residents of Edgbaston, Harborne, Quinton and Bartley Green. P:ARTicipate enables residents of these four wards to buy tickets for certain events at a discounted rate and receive regular information about The Drum’s forthcoming attractions including theatre productions, concerts, film screenings, exhibitions and much more!
All you have to do is register with P:ARTicipate, confirm you are a resident in Edgbaston, Harborne, Quinton or Bartley Green and you can start to take advantage of discounts on offer!

What is Arts Champions?
Arts organisations across the city have teamed up with Birmingham City Council to become Arts Champions, letting Birmingham residents get closer to the city’s world-class arts offerings. Birmingham Arts Champions act as advocates for the arts sector giving advice and support within the community to promote and deliver new activities.
The Arts Champions Scheme is a ground-breaking arts initiative that gets Birmingham organisations such as The Drum, Birmingham Royal Ballet, the CBSO, the REP and Sampad working with residents in their local area.
So if you are an artist, represent an organisation or community group and have ideas for arts and cultural activities in your area, we would like to hear from you!

What is The Drum?
The Drum is unique in the UK for its offer of intercultural arts dedicated to the development, presentation and celebration of arts and cultural activities of Birmingham’s diverse communities, enjoyed by all in the region and nationally. From its origins in the early 1990s determined to address the absence of Black and Minority Ethnic voices and presence in the mainstream, The Drum has evolved into a modern arts organisation serving the needs of diverse audiences and communities locally, regionally and nationally.

Quintessential Showcase
As part of our Arts Champions Scheme offer this autumn we are pleased to be hosting a number of events plus our very first arts showcase, Quintessential, taking place at Quinborne Community Centre on Saturday 19 March 2016.
Quintessential is seeking artists from Edgbaston, Quinton, Harborne and Bartley Green to perform and showcase local talent in music, dance and other performing arts. So if you are aged 19, 75 or any number in between, and can sing, dance, rap, recite poetry, play in a band or have any other exciting talents we want to hear from you!
We will be hosting a series of taster workshops and ‘boot-camps’ to prepare performers for the Quintessential showcase.
The first workshop, held in partnership with On The Edge, will be led by performance artist Sipho Eric Dube.
Thursday 26 November, 5-7pm at Milebrook Hall, Bartley Green.

If you are interested in taking part in the showcase or even if you just want to come along to the workshop, we’d love to see you there.

For more information please contact Ian Sergeant at The Drum.
0121 333 2418
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