EAF Meetings

Edgbaston Arts Forum Meeting Notes

Notes from FORUM MEETING, The Drum,  22/10/2015

Present: Tom Jones (chair), Ian Sargent (The Drum), Chris Hardy, Eva Bennett, Lee Martin (Steamroom Media) Naziah Angel, Raymond Cooper, Julie Pope (BCC).
Apologies Fiona Ord-shrimpton, Paula Woof, Catriona Heatherington,
Shirley Speight, Craig Gillman.

On basis of tabled summary report ARTSMILE 2015, complete support for 2016 re-run; strong support for contributing decorations for Harborne Christmas tree pending HBA resolutions.
ACTION: TJ to take sample decorations to next HBA meeting

Future EU projects recognised as linked to successful development of new company ARTSCOOP

a) b) and c) Progress with current BCC funded projects reported:
ACTION: TJ and EB carrying both forward, pending opportunities for involvement of EAF artists in in participatory activities
Need to raise funds for The Birds’ Wedding Day 14/2/16 noted.

ACTION: TJ to talk with St Augustine’s church
Presentation by IS on collaboration with The Drum with lengthy discussion on possibilities for EAF artists::
‘Quintessential’ (17/11/2015) at Quinborne. The Drum already collaborating with On The Edge Fusion Youth Orchestra on this but watch for more details in the Drum November newsletter)
Femina (?) B workshops at The Drum to accompany her exhibition
Jan 14 2016 onwards (again, details in the Nov. newsletter)
ACTION: If interested in participating in either (Quintessential offers
opportunities to provide engagement or selling products), EAF artist
should get in touch with Ian directly.

Lee Martin (Steamroom Media) showed how EAF website could become more proactive.
TJ to talk with Lee about re-freshing website as a ’holding’ operation pending complete overhaul re: ARTSCOOP.
EAF members to forward information to Lee for inclusion on website.
TJ to arrange training evening with Lee on active website participation for EAF people.
TJ to talk with Craig Gilman about rationalising EAF/EACG websites, Twitter and Facebook.

ARTSCOOP ready for submission to Charity Commission, but two more potential trustees needed.
ACTION: members’ suggestions for community-based or media-connected trustees to TJ.

Development suggestions:
Ideas for joint project with Hall Green AF and Martineau Gardens, and for ARTSBOOT Fair in Harborne approved
TJ and CH to talk with Martineau Gardens about funding
TJ to make enquiries about practical arrangements for a Fair

DoNM: Thursday Nov 26th, 7.30 in The Slug & Lettuce, Harborne.